North of Nowhere


North Of Nowhere - The Original East Coast winter surf movie - Surfer Magazine Review


HERE’S THE PITCH: Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor ice, nor even more snow, can stop us from capturing surfers plowing from North Carolina to New York.

HOLLYWOOD CONNECTION: It’s a Wonderful Life: Just when you think winter would make a Northeast surfer chuck himself off a bridge, another empty, perfect barrel pulls him back from the ledge.

BEST ACTOR: Mother Nature. She pitches Hatteras’ perfect tubes, she digs Long Island’s death pits, she polishes Montauk’s peeling points and she unloads the two-foot snow drifts and thirty-mile offshores that keep you shivering.

SUPPORTING CAST: Ryan Carlson, Sam Hammer, Dean Randazzo, Chris Harmon, Chris Martin, Frank Walsh, Aaron Cormican , and

SCORE: Supercargoman, Slightly Stoopid, and lots of howling wind.

THUMBS DOWN: Do we have to spell it out? ”L-E-S-S I-S {{{M}}}-O-R-E!” At a hard-packed 30 minutes N.O.N would smack you like a snowball; at 40 plus, the constant flurry of frothy barrels slowly takes on the hypnotic sleepiness of hypothermia.

THUMBS UP: The 2002/2003 East Coast fall/winter season was a scorcher, even at subzero temps. And NON’s focus on the guys who annihilate instead of hibernate paired with all-star sideshows from last October’s Outer Banks pro will keep any Right Coast homeboy stuck to his screen like a tongue to a flagpole.Matt Walker